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Dorothy and her husband, Gary, are 20-year residents of the Avon Grove School District. As life-long educators, Dorothy and Gary easily recognized the high-quality education, supportive local community, and relative financial value that would be available to their family as Avon Grove School District residents. For those reasons, Dorothy and Gary chose to relocate to Landenberg, PA from Newark, DE with their three daughters, Jessica, Megan, and Sarah.  Megan (AGHS Class of 1999) and Sarah (AGHS Class of 2004) have both remained in the area, chosing to provide their own...
With over 30 years of experience, Dorothy offers the unique ability to oversee the Avon Grove School District with first-hand experience from all angles - as an educator, administrator, superintendent, parent, resident, and grandparent. Dorothy believes in collaboration, clear expectations, and transparency. She believes it is imperative that all board members listen to and respect one another's point of view so that the individual board members are able to work together for the benefit of Avon Grove's students. Dorothy is devoted to supporting student academic...
Dorothy began her career as a special education teacher and continued her professional development obtaining a Masters degree in Counseling, Administrative Certificate, and an Ed.D. in Educational Innovation and Leadership. Dorothy joined the Colonial School District as an Educational Diagnostician in 1987 and remained employed by the District for the next 27 years with advancing appointments until she was  ultimately appointed Superintendent of Schools in 2009. She served as Superintendent from 2009 until her retirement in 2014. Today...
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Running for School Board takes a village! We invite you to join a real movement to affect positive change and achieve excellence in our schools and for our community. You can play a critical role in helping us elect Dorothy Linn, Ed.D. to serve as a unifying voice on the Avon Grove School Board.

From canvassing neighborhoods to helping at the polls on Election Day, and everything in between, we need all hands on deck! Whether you have a lot of time to give or just a few hours, please join us!

Without question, Dorothy Linn is the most qualified candidate for the Avon Grove School Board. As a lifelong educator, she has demonstrated a passion and dedication for public education. As a retired teacher, principal, superintendent, and mother, Dorothy brings unparalleled perspective and experience. Dorothy is an exceptional leader that built the foundation for educational excellence, innovation and financial responsibility in the Colonial School District that serves as a model for other districts across the nation today.

I had   the  pleasure   of  working  with Dr.  Linn for a number of years as she was the Assistant Superintendent and then Superintendent of Colonial School District, where I have been employed since 2001. I know her commitment to education and children is unquestioned and she brings a creative, thoughtful, and experienced voice to our school district.  As a member of the community since 2004, I fully endorse her as a candidate for the Avon Grove School Board!
I have the great honor of working with Dorothy on the Avon Grove Education Foundation.  Her significant background in education and her very real concern for all the students in Avon Grove have delivered real value to the creation of the Foundation.  Dorothy is energetic, carefully and thoroughly researches all issues, and is a strong team player. Additionally, as a retiree, Dorothy fully understands and appreciates the requirement to balance the needs of students with the affordability of the local community to fund those needs.
Douglass Timm
Avon Grove Resident
Principal, Carrie Downie Elementary
Tara Amsterdam
Avon Grove Parent
Bob Weidenmuller
Former Avon Grove School Board Director