With over 30 years of experience, Dorothy offers the unique ability to oversee the Avon Grove School District with first-hand experience from all angles - as an educator, administrator, superintendent, parent, resident, and grandparent. Dorothy believes in collaboration, transparency, and clear expectations. She believes it is imperative that all board members listen to and respect one another's point of view so that the individual board members are able to work together for the benefit of Avon Grove's students. Dorothy is devoted to supporting student academic achievement, increasing school safety, championing arts and athletic programming, and ensuring sound financial decisions.
As an Avon Grove School Board Director, Dorothy will work to:
  • Prioritize school safety
  • Serve as a unifying voice for our community
  • Ensure taxpayer investment in our schools is managed with fiscal responsibility and careful oversight 
  • Act as a leader for policies that advance the quality of an Avon Grove education
  • Champion opportunities for 21st Century learning that prepares students for their future
  • Empower and engage the student voice and fuel their excitement for learning
  • Encourage district communication and partnerships with families and other stakeholders
  • Think outside the box, offer suggestions for creative allocation of resources that provide the learning environments necessary for student success

Dorothy is informed, practical, and prepared to contribute to the Avon Grove School Board from day one. Her record of dedication to students and public education, coupled with her comprehensive experience and commitment to fiscal responsibility, make her the pragmatic, unifying voice our school board needs. 


Avon Grove residents believe Dorothy Linn, Ed.D. is the right choice for our schools.

I’ve known Dorothy Linn for over 20 years. With her time as an educator and accomplishments as an administrator, she brings an invaluable experience to Avon Grove. I’m proud to support her for School Board. Her knowledge of the issues and her commitment to quality education in your schools speaks volumes about her ability to represent all students and all families.  
I proudly support Dorothy Linn for Avon Grove School Board. Avon Grove deserves a director who will serve as a unifying voice for our community and students. Her vast experience in education and commitment to community through volunteerism, illustrate the dedication Avon Grove needs.
Dorothy is one of the most trustworthy people I have ever known. She is passionate about ensuring that students are at the forefront of every decision in schools, but also ensures it is done the right way for staff.
Dr. Pete Leida
Assistant Superintendent
Colonial School District
Gary Phillips
Teacher, William Penn High School
Carolyn Hammerschmidt
Avon Grove Parent